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Add New Gallery

 After entering WordPress…..

*Note… I have created the gallery pages for 2015 to 2020 but they are not active yet. Follow the directions below to add images and activate .


1) Click on “All Galleries” under “Galleries” on the left hand menu
2) Click on the title of the Gallery you wish to add images to
3) Click “Add Media” then click “Create Gallery
4) Click “Upload Files” then “Select Files” under “Create Gallery
5) Select images from your computer and click “open“.  *Note, you may upload more than 1 image at a time*
6) When done selecting images, click on “Create a new gallery”  at the bottom right side
7) At this point you can add a caption to each image
8) When done click on “Insert gallery” at the bottom right side
9) Finished by clicking on “Publish” on the right hand side